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UK Manufacturer and Supplier of Fabrics for Milliners, Fashion Designers and Cosplay

From the manufacturing of Buckram to the supply of Sinamay, at Parkin we’re much more than just a traditional fabric shop. We’re a team of passionate individuals and experts in everything to do with millinery, haberdashery, cosplay and furnishing. With over 4000 product lines in stock, we also offer an unrivalled range of millinery, haberdashery, furnishing and cosplay materials to our customers.

Over 4000 stock items ready to bring your ideas to life.

Because the quality and range of products is so important to us, we take the opportunity to visit our suppliers on a regular basis. Not only does this allow us to monitor the quality of the current products but it also introduces us to new and exciting products that are often exclusively available to us. If we think you’ll like it, then we bring it home to show you - ready for your next masterpiece.

Parkin is one of the industry’s top manufacturers and suppliers of fabrics for milliners. We’ve been sourcing accessories and fabric since [add year here], and we’ve loved every minute of it. So whether you’re new to millinery or are a master crafter, we can help you find the products you need to turn your next piece into a true work of art.

  • Sinamay can bring your ideas to life
  • Buckram is brilliant
  • Feathers that let your ideas take flight
  • Hat Bodies to build your next masterpiece on
  • Couture for something special
  • Flowers for a touch of panache
  • Trimmings for a finishing touch
  • The versatile fabric - Crin
  • Sinamay veiling and Silhig
  • Dyes for a more colourful life
  • Fabrics that let your ideas flow
  • Pina Collection for a special touch
  • Thermoplastics
Feather cosplay

The Academy – From beginner to creative genius.

Not only do Parkin manufacture and supply fabrics, we regularly run classes at our workshop, which are designed for absolute beginners right through to experienced hat makers looking to hone their skills. Courses run from 1-3 days and include all aspects of millinery.

Available for private hire, you’ll have full access to tools and equipment including the use of irons, steam generators, ovens and hat blocks, as well as unlimited access to the UK’s largest supply of creative millinery & fashion materials.

It’s all here for you and we’re ready to help bring your next masterpiece to life.

Academy girls

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