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Royal Wedding 2018 - Engagement


Apr 18

17th April 2018

What you need to know about the Royal Wedding

By admin / Fashion, Millinery

On the 19th of May, the whole world and the media will be watching an historic event take place at Windsor Castle. We're talking of course about the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Here's what you need to know!

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Apr 18

6th April 2018

A quick guide to upcycling old clothing

Loads of old clothes, but you don't know what to do with them?! Now's the time to show your clothing some love and start upcycling.

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Haberdashery Tips


Mar 18

7th March 2018

The essential items everyone needs in their haberdashery toolkit

Here's what we think are the essential haberdashery items you need to complete your projects and that you just cant live without!

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Sewing machine


Feb 18

21st February 2018

Satin dressmaking – steps for sewing success

By admin / Fabrics, Fashion

This week, we're talking you through how to sew with satin. So whether you've just started making dresses or you're a seasoned pro, we'll help you to make the perfect satin dress.

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Curtain Heading


Jan 18

30th January 2018

Curtain headings explained

By admin / Fabrics, Tips and Tricks

Do you know your double pleat from your pencil pleat? Don't worry, Parkin's guide will talk you through the different types of curtain headings and how they can be used throughout your home.

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