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Nov 17

14th November 2017

50 Years of Buckram – It’s much more than just a curtain heading

By admin / Fabrics

From shaping and moulding to adding stiffness to your creations, Buckram is a versatile fabric that has many applications from...

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Oct 17

16th October 2017

Beginners guide to creating your own cosplay outfit

By admin /

Cosplay is growing in popularity and over recent years it has really taken off with fans of anime, Manga, sci-fi...

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Top Tips


Oct 17

4th October 2017

10 top tips for those new to millinery

By admin / Millinery

Whether you’re completely new to millinery or still mastering the basics we want to help make the process as enjoyable...

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Sep 17

19th September 2017

The Parkin RoadShow is coming to Bristol

By admin / RoadShow

The Parkin RoadShow has come a long way and in 2017 it’s bigger and better than ever before! So come and join us in Bristol on Saturday the 23rd of September to see what it’s all about.

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Sep 17

15th September 2017

Versatile Pineapple Fabric

By admin / Fabrics

There are often a few raised eyebrows at Trade shows when Pineapple Fabric is mentioned. Not everyone knows that the leaves of the tasty, tropical fruit contain strong and beautiful fibres, used throughout the fashion industry.

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