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Dec 18

6th December 2018

Simple sewing projects for beginners

By admin / Craft, Fabrics

Interested in taking up sewing but not sure where to start? Just got a sewing machine and looking for inspiration?...

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Nov 18

27th November 2018

How to measure and make a hat that fits perfectly

By admin / Fashion

Whether you’re making a hat for yourself, a loved one, a friend or a stranger, one of the best ways...

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Sewing machine


Nov 18

20th November 2018

Great personalised gifts that you can make for loved ones

By admin / Craft

We know how frustrating it can be trawling through shops and the internet to try and find a personal gift...

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Oct 18

16th October 2018

Simple steps to finish your clothes like a professional

By admin / Fashion, Tips and Tricks

Struggle making your clothes look professional? Well, not anymore! We're taking a look at the simple things to do to make your clothes look professional, giving them that high-street finish.

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Sep 18

3rd September 2018

A beginners guide to making unlined curtains

Can't find curtains that fit your windows. Why not make your own? This week Parkin will walk you through how to make bespoke curtains yourself!

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