Crafty Valentine’s Day gifts you can make yourself

Crafty valentines

For anyone who loves getting crafty we’ve got a fantastic range of Valentine’s gift ideas that you can make at home. Not only will these ideas save you a fortune, but they’ll also add that special personal touch that you just can’t buy. And the best thing about these gift ideas – they don’t just have to be for Valentine’s Day – you can gift them to loved ones at any time of year.

Handmade flower planter
Is your loved one into plants? If they love plants then a handmade flower planter is sure to go down a treat. Simply pick their favourite plant or flower and pick up a cheap flower pot or even pretty metal bucket. You can paint and decorate the outside and add a message of love for a simple, creative and thoughtful gift that continues giving.

Heart blanket
The perfect gift for the transition between winter and spring, a heart blanket will show your partner how much you care. Simply buy a plain coloured soft blanket or throw and customise by cutting out fabric hearts and sewing to the blanket. You can create any pattern you want, use different sized hearts and even combine different fabrics to create a gift your other half will love.

Letter tile frame
Do you have an old scrabble board lying around collecting dust? Why not use some of the letters to create a customised photo frame for a partner, loved one or friend. If you don’t already have some scrabble tiles then you can buy wooden alternatives online which can be used to personalise everything from photo frames to place settings and drinks coasters.

Romantic Mason jars
Mason jars are incredibly versatile and can be used to make many great looking handmade craft gifts. They can be filled with your spouse’s favourite chocolates and wrapped in a ribbon, used as a candle holder for their favourite scented candle, or turned into a DIY brownie kit complete with instructions.

Love heart vase
Every girl loves to get flowers for Valentine’s Day but instead of sticking to the packaging that they came in why not go the extra mile with a specially created vase. One of the easiest options and one that looks great is to place a smaller vase inside a large clear vase and fill the space in between the two vases with chocolates, love heart sweets or even rose petals. Finally, wrap the outer vase in a bow and fill the inner vase with flowers to complete the look.

Infused alcohol
This is a great present for any who likes a drink. Infuse their favourite spirit with a delicious flavour of your choice to create a gift that they’ll really appreciate. Example recipes include green tea gin, rosemary infused vodka, strawberry gin, spiced rum and the classic sloe gin. There are plenty of recipes available online so look up your favourite and enjoy experimenting with different combinations until you find one you love.