Fun with Felt

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    Fun with Felt

    The idea behind this one day workshop is to introduce you to felt in a different way. Rather than the traditional blocking method, you will learn how to manipulate the felt whilst on the block to create a different look. You will still go through the process of stiffening the felt and, depending on your finished look, we will decide whether you will need to wire it. You will be guided through the process of attaching a head fixture which will help you in your future work.

    The day has been structured in order to allow you the time to block, wire and trim a cloche, button or vintage style headpiece using a block from our extensive range we have available. The blocks will be explained to you so you can decide what is best for a felt creation, you will be encouraged to write notes as you work through the day in order to reflect back on what you have made, there will also be time for questions should any arise at the end of the day.

    Working with your felt

    Stiffen your felt • Learn how to manipulate your felt
    Begin to understand the possible outcomes of working with felt it in this way
    Finishing your headpiece • Stitch the wire in if needed
    Start to think about trimming ideas


    Have a talk with the tutor about other ideas when working with felt
    Discuss various trimming ideas
    Remove from block
    Make sure you have enough notes about the day to enable you
    to go away and perform the technique by yourself

    This course is private, one-to-one, tuition for £165.00 inc VAT
    For group or block bookings please contact us using the link below
    please click here to enquire.