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    Bias Brim

    New For 2017

    The idea behind this course is to teach you the process of making a bias brimmed hat. It is to understand the concept of making a bias strip and manipulating it to create a structural brim which can be worn as a hat.

    Course Structure

    Understand how to cut the bias strip from your chosen Sinamay
    Stitch the bias strip using the sewing machine
    Block the bias strip to create the brim • Wire the bias brim
    Make a separate centrepiece for the bias strip
    Attach the centrepiece to the bias brim
    Finally, trim the bias headpiece that you have made

    This course is private, one-to-one, tuition for £165.00 inc vat
    For group or block bookings please contact us using the link below
    please click here to enquire.