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    Working with Crin

    This course will cover moderate techniques

    This course will develop your millinery skills to create an elegant Crin Fascinator, unique to you. Design your base with a choice of materials, either Sinamay, parasisal, felt, leather or fabric covered buckram, in your desired colour.
    Elaborate your design using Crin and accessories with skills you attain from the course.
    You will come away from the course with experience & knowledge to create a truly beautiful piece of head wear

    How it will all works...

    All online courses will be delivered via Microsoft Teams
    We will be in touch, ahead of your agreed course date, and provide you with a private video link.
    Any further video sessions will be arranged in the same way

    Materials required

    You will need to choose material for the base of your Crin Fascinator.
    This could be Parasisal, Sinamay, fabric covered buckram or a felt hood
    You will also need Crin, a 5m piece will be sufficient
    Millinery wire, we also supply this in 5m
    Hat elastic
    A comb of your choice
    Petersham Ribbon and thread

    The online learning experience

    Where better than the comfort of your own home
    A course designed and tailored to fit in with your own busy schedule
    Save on traveling time and associated costs
    An ideal low cost option leading to new personal and professional opportunities

    Equipment and tools required

    Iron, needles and scissors

    Exclusive to you

    15% discount and free carriage will be offered to students attending our courses on all products (excluding courses)

    Virtual tours of our warehouse and products will be available on request

    This course is a private online course for £145.00 inc VAT
    To book please contact us using the link below
    please click here to enquire