Fosshape 300®


In its non-activated state, Fosshape looks like a white pliable felt, but it’s a whole lot more. Fosshape is a unique nonwoven fabric, comprised of a low melt synthetic polyester fibre that when exposed to heat (approx. 93 ° C) and pressure, you can create a multitude of crafted items.

Fosshape is white, 115cm wide and sold by the metre.

Fosshape can be used for almost anything – from costuming use to making lightweight, three-dimensional structures and crafted items. Great for props, millinery, crowns, mascots, puppetry, skull caps or wig supports, helmets, light weight armour, fairy wings, artistic sculptures, museum mount making etc. Use it for a hidden stiffening aid or by itself for a fully self-supported structure. It’s truly “limited by your imagination” for producing those “one of a kind” items.

Fosshape is durable for indoor or outdoor use, extremely lightweight and even breathable. Saves valuable time and labour during the construction process, since no messy additives or drying/setup time required. If your finished figure, craft or project gets wet, no problem, as it’s all synthetic and not affected by humid conditions or water, so it’s OK if it “rains on your parade”. It’s even mold and mildew resistant.

Top tip – Save time, labour and mess by using Fosshape as a replacement for papier mâché and even sculpted foam.

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