Block & Create

Block and Create

This course has been purposely designed to introduce the individual to hat blocks, whether you choose to block a brim and crown, a traditional felt cloche or an all in one headpiece our extensive range of blocks are available and discussed with you before you make your decision. The course is designed to entice you into the world of blocking, depending on what stage you are at in your millinery adventure will depend on how much you get done in the day, it is meant to be enjoyed as well as informative therefore the day is relaxed providing a comfortable atmosphere. The tutor will teach you the blocking techniques required for a felt, parasisal or sinamay hat, and will guide you through the process of wiring, edging, attaching a two piece together and understanding assorted trimming techniques that will complete your desired headpiece.

Introduction to the blocks

The different sized blocks • The different ways of blocking the collars of hats
Why some blocks have a rope groove
Why you need to prepare your block for blocking

Choosing your fabric for blocking

What fabric works well with your chosen block
Why the need to stiffen certain fabrics prior to blocking

The blocking process

Getting your fabric ready for blocking
Block your fabric, collar part first if you have chosen a brim
Allow fabric to dry on the block

The next step...Wiring and edging

Wire your headpiece • Edge your headpiece with bias binding
Attach petersham ribbon

Getting creative

Make beautiful trimmings with your left over fabric
Understand how to attach trimmings to your headpiece

This course is private, one-to-one, tuition for £165.00 inc VAT
For group or block bookings please contact us using the link below
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