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Our extensive fabrics collection consists of calico, muslin, brocades suitable for bridal gowns and wedding waistcoats, a duchess satin, taffeta linings, tarlatan, domet, pineapple fabrics and many more.

  1. Sew-in Woven - White

    £5.30 (Inc. VAT)
    This heavier weight 100% cotton woven sew-in interfacing is available in white and 155cm wide. Our unique quality 6360 can be used in millinery, tailoring, underwear and garment industries, 6360 was developed by Parkin. Learn More
  2. Tarlatan

    Up to 50% Off

    Starting at: £2.00

    This lightweight 100% cotton woven interfacing with an assisted finish (slightly stiffened) and is produced in a convenient 150cm width. Perfect as a backing support for light to mid weight material. Our unique Tarlatan quality was developed by Parkin. Used in various garment industries, millinery and costume, Tarlatan is an industry standard. Learn More
  3. Woven Fusible - White

    £7.40 (Inc. VAT)
    This medium 100% cotton woven fusible interfacing is available in white and 153cm wide. Perfect as a subtle barrier between mid weight cover material and a heavier textured product such as buckram. Our unique quality WF80 can be fused using either a press or a household steam iron. Used in millinery and garment industries, WF80 was developed by Parkin. Learn More