Your creative journey starts here.

For those just starting out in millinery, our range of hat making and fascinator kits provide the perfect place to begin. These kits are designed for complete novices and will allow you to create a beautiful, stylish and elegant fascinator without the need for any specialist equipment. We have also created easy to follow video instructions which will help you on your millinery journey.

Once you’ve got the hang of creating your own fascinators using our kits you’ll be able to start tackling your own projects with your new found love of millinery. All of our hat making and fascinator kits are available in a range of colours and there are a few style options for you to choose from.

Whether you want to make your own headpiece for a special occasion or just love crafting and are interested in millinery, we would love to guide you on your creative journey. Choose one of our fascinator hat kits and start your love of millinery today with an easy to follow and simple kit which looks great. Take a look at our full range of kits below and order online today, with delivery across the UK.