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  1. Printed Sinamay, Aspect Red

    £15.30 (Inc. VAT)
    Sinamay fabric, printed with a solid colour. Perfect for creative fashion, millinery and craft use. This material is stiffened making it ideal for trimmings but can also be used for blocking and shaping. Designed and printed, in-house, exclusively by Parkin. Sold by the metre and 90cm wide. Learn More
  2. Light-weight Buckram

    £7.10 (Inc. VAT)
    Light-weight Buckram is a double stiffened cotton fabric, specifically developed by Parkin. A more recent addition to the buckram family, this light weight is becoming more popular due to its flexibility.It is available in Black and White, 107cm wide and sold by the metre.This product is ideal for a lightweight approach in furnishing, millinery, and cosplay applications. Just like the industry standard buckram, such as our Medium weight, this product has a woven constructed but uses finer yarns.As with all buckrams, our Light-weight Buckram becomes workable when steam-heated (using a household steam iron).Light-weight Buckram is perfect when combining with other millinery fabrics such as:- Velvet - Wool - Fine Leather - Parasisal - Chiffon - Silk Learn More
  3. Hat Stand

    Starting at: £13.60

  4. Hat Boxes

    Starting at: £8.40

    High Gloss Hexagonal Hat BoxThese hat boxes are made in a substantial 1600-micron corrugated board and printed in hi gloss colours. They are very strong and can be stacked. Supplied flat for easy erection and each box comes with a cord handle.We stock various sizes, all of which you can easily cut down to produce a much shallower box.Please Note: Cords supplied will be black or white depending on which we have in stock.Dimensions: Small - 220mm x 254mm (Diameter x Height) Medium - 406mm x 228mm (Diameter x Height) Large - 508mm x 228mm (Diameter x Height) Learn More
  5. Domet Covered Buckram Button

    Starting at: £16.40

    Domet covered buckram button, made from double stiffened 100% cotton buckram. These shaped bases are a light but and effective foundation - ready made and ready to cover. Sold individually these fascinator bases are available in one sizes - ??m x ??cm. Blocked in the UK and produced to meet millinery specifications, these shapes have a name for so many other industries such as; haberdashery, arts and crafts, accessories and theatre. Learn More
  6. Dolly Head Velour Covered Black

    £26.30 (Inc. VAT)
    Dolly Head Velour Covered Black Learn More
  7. Dolly Head Polystyrene White

    £15.30 (Inc. VAT)
    Dolly Head Polystyrene White Learn More
  8. Clear Plastic Fascinator Box

    £2.30 (Inc. VAT)
    Clear Plastic Fascinator Boxes, perfect for the storage or presentation of delicate items. Size: 15cm x 15cm x 10cm. Suitable for handmade flowers, fascinators etc. Learn More
  9. Out of stock

    Athena Fascinator Kit