The Parkin Team

HATstock - Saturday 25th March

Meet the team
'Over 90 years of combined experience in the industry'

Nick Parkin Managing Director - Joined Parkin in 1993
A real workaholic, a perfectionist and loves all things outdoors! Nick is instinctively creative which is a great attribute when it comes to product development. Meticulous by nature, he firmly believes if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well!

Nick Parkin

Phil Sykes Sales Director - Joined in 1998
With a true 'make it work' attitude, no obstacle is too big to hold him back. An outdoor enthusiast and amateur football coach, he is your ideal team player. Phil has been dedicated to the company since the day he left school. With a thirst for knowledge he is always reading up on the next best thing, continuing to push us forwards and keep us ahead of the game.

Phil Sykes

Dave Keane Company Accountant - Joined Parkin in 2015
(has been our company Accountant since 1992)
Dave’s main hobby is music, he is a locally, well-known percussionist - if it makes a noise, Dave will play it! A true numbers man and a spreadsheet master, Dave not only looks after our accounts but always gets stuck in to all aspects of the business whether it be in production or out on the road.

Dave Keane

Will McDonald Warehouse and Dispatch - Joined Parkin in 2007
A keen footballer and tennis enthusiast, Will brings his athletic trait to the cutting table, both in the warehouse and at any RoadShow. Goods out is the topic of the day for Will as he is both meticulous and conscientious, if you have a delivery request, he's your man... and we mean anywhere in the world.

Will McDonald

Paul Hilton Warehouse and Production - Joined Parkin in 2009
A keen traveller and reader - Paul’s vast array of knowledge and experiences are apparent in any conversation, this stands him in great stead in his work and responsibilities. The production department is in safe hands here, communicating with and importing from countries across the globe is no small order. Some say he must have a crystal ball!

Paul Hilton

Nicola Sykes Milliner and Receptionist - Joined Parkin in 2010
Generally the first voice you hear when you call and Nicola's cheerful personality will go the extra mile to help. Completing the HNC Millinery qualification in 2012 Nicola continues to work in the Academy and demo at our events. With a wonderful creative flare and thirst for knowledge in our creative industry, Nicola is right at home.

Nicola Sykes