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Thinking of getting into cosplay and making your own outfits and props? In this blog, we’ll take a look at the essential tools that you should invest in to help you create a stunning cosplay outfit to be proud of. And, while these tools are not an exhaustive list they should at least help you get started and allow you to tackle a range of different cosplay projects.

Cutting And Measuring
Whether you are working with foam and fabric or wood and metal a good quality cutting mat, metal and plastic rulers and measuring tape will make your life easier. As well as measuring tools you’ll also need some good quality cutting tools including a craft knife, utility knife, fabric scissors, rotary cutters and wire cutters.

Sticking things together is one of the basic skills involved in many cosplay projects. This means that you’ll need to have a range of different types of glue available. While different materials will require a specific type of glue there are some that you will use on a regular basis and these are a glue gun, PVA glue, super glue and wood glue.

Heat gun and wood burning tool
For moulding thermoplastics and shaping materials like buckram, a heat gun really does come in handy. You’ll need it for shaping and setting plastics that are used to create everything from armour and weaponry to accessories for your outfit. While a heat gun is an absolute must the next item is an optional extra when it comes to cosplay and is the wood burning tool. This tool can be used for cutting, puncturing, detailing and smoothing wood and other materials. We also stock a High Tack glue gun.

Sewing Equipment
If you are creating a costume then you’re going to need to do at least a little bit of sewing. For those just starting out then a sewing machine is probably a step too far, unless you already have some interest in sewing. A basic sewing kit with a few additional tools should be all you need to start creating your first costume and you can always invest in a sewing machine if you find you need it.

Rotary tool
Until you start using a rotary tool you won’t realise what you are missing out on. With a huge range of accessories and bits available rotary tools have a wide range of applications from cutting and grinding to drilling and sanding and everything in between. They let you engrave, detail and smooth a huge range of surfaces and materials and can be used on a huge range of projects.

Basic tools
Common toolbox items such as a hammer, pliers, wire cutters and screwdrivers are all useful items when it comes to cosplay. These tools will help when it comes to bending, shaping, prying and fastening different materials and are a useful addition to any home.

Safety Equipment
Stay protected while creating your cosplay vision with the help of some basic safety items that should include goggles or glasses, ear plugs, rubber or nitrile gloves and a good quality dust mask.

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