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    3 products
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    Pineapple Fabric Collection for a special touch.

    Sophisticated, elegant and delicate, pineapple fabric is handmade using the fibre from the leaves of the pineapple plant. With a natural ivory-white colour pineapple fibres are glossy and incredibly soft making it a great choice for use as a fashion fabric. Pineapple fabric has many uses including wedding dresses, table linens, mats, bags and other clothing items.

    Handmade and handwoven, pineapple fabric is a zero carbon fabric which offers a real touch of class. We stock a range of pineapple fabrics including a plain translucent fabric, one with dashes of silk and one with a mini chequered design. This wonderful and soft fabric is available by the metre and comes in widths between 92cm and 150cm.

    Our pineapple fabric collection is incredibly popular and is supplemented by our organic Abaca cotton and pineapple silk with cocoon silk mixes. Take a look at the different products and click through to find out more about each of the different pineapple fabrics. For any help choosing the right fabric just get in touch with us today on 0161 627 4455.