Dyes & Colour Wheel For Haberdashery

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    2 products
    600 Ecru 601 Sun Yellow 602 Bright Yellow 603 Golden Yellow +36
    Jacquard Acid Dyes
    Colour Wheel

    Dyes & Colour Wheel

    For haberdashery, hat making, crafts and a more colourful life.

    Acid dyes are used for dyeing fabrics and materials that have protein fibres such as silks, wools, nylon, feathers, sinamay and more. At Parkin, we stock a great range of colourfast acid dyes that can be used for all of your projects from hat making and haberdashery to crafts and dressmaking. These fantastic acid dyes are easy to use and available in 50 colours to help you add a touch of colour to your creations.

    Described by many as "the best tool ever!" the Colour Wheel is a must have for anyone dyeing on a regular basis.