Leather for Furnishing

Leather for Furnishing

11 products
    11 products
    Veg Tan Berry Veg Tan Chilli Pepper Veg Tan Dijon Veg Tan Liquorice +2
    Veg Tan Leather
    from £15.54
    Printed Lamb Nappa - Lizard
    from £15.84
    Metallic Snake Lamb Nappa- Camo
    from £16.74
    Aluminium Foil Azurite Candy Apple Red Electric Orchid +5
    Metallic Lamb Nappa
    from £10.00
    Patent Lamb Nappa - Crocodile
    from £21.60
    Abalone Amethyst Chili Coconut Milk +9
    Plain Lamb Nappa
    from £10.72
    Reindeer - Style 1
    Merino Latte Merino Shadow
    Merino - Lightweight
    from £52.80
    Toscana Chiffon Toscana Cloudy Day Toscana Lapis Toscana Lava Lamp +1
    Toscana Lamb
    from £40.50
    Moorland Camo Mountain Camo
    Printed Lamb Nappa - Camo
    from £11.03
    Tigrado Cream Medley Tigrado Sapphire Tigrado Shadow
    Tigrado Lamb
    from £24.60
    Leather for Furnishing

    A Truly Wonderful By-product

    Our comprehensive collection of leather offers a perfect choice for furnishing. Our exquisite Nappa leather includes plain and metallic finishes. It is extremely versatile and perfect for furnishings and home decor. So, get creative and let your imagination run wild!

    Our Veg Tan leather is available in a selection of colours and is fully Aniline (vegetable-tanned in France - a process that allows the leather to retain its natural richness).

    Regarding sales quantities, for illustration purposes, we have given examples of a full, half and quarter skin. We have shown an average size in the guide image. Please note as this is a natural product, the sizes will vary and we will endeavour to colour match multiple hide orders where possible.