Feather Mounts For Millinery

17 products

    17 products
    F901 Burnt Stripped Coque
    Cerise Cranberry Emperor Poppy +2
    F903 Stripped Coque Dyed Tip
    Almond Black Cerise Chocolate +12
    F904 Stripped Coque Bleached Tip
    Almond Black Black and White Cerise +15
    F906 Hackle Spray
    F906 Grizzly F906 Red F906 Red Edge F906 Yellow Edge
    F906n Natural Hackle Spray
    White and Black White and Natural
    F907 Stripped Ostrich/Burnt Peacock
    Black Black and White Cerise Chocolate +11
    F910 Ostrich Pom
    Almond Black Black and White Cerise +15
    F911 Marabou/Biot
    Almond Black Black and White Cerise +15
    F912 Ostrich/Coque
    Almond Black Cerise Chocolate +13
    F915 Double Burnt Ostrich
    Almond Black Cerise Chocolate +13
    F916 Butterfly
    Almond Black Cerise Chocolate +13
    F917 Five Ostrich Tips
    Almond Black Black with Poppy Black with White +16
    F920 Hackle Tear Coque Spray
    Black Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +9
    F923 Marabou/Guinea Fowl
    from £1.50
    Black Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +3
    F934 Fully Burnt Peacock
    Black Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +8
    F935 Double Burnt Pheasant Curl
    Black Natural
    F936 Emu Mount

    Our massive collection of feather mounts are available in a wide colour range and natural colours too. You will find an abundance of styles, sizes and designs all waiting to be used in clothing, furnishing, crafts, millinery or even just simple decorative adornments.