Lamb Nappa For Furnishing

2 products

    2 products
    Aluminium Foil Azurite Candy Apple Red Electric Orchid +5
    Metallic Lamb Nappa
    from £10.00
    Abalone Amethyst Chili Coconut Milk +9
    Plain Lamb Nappa
    from £10.72

    Give your living areas a touch of leather chic with our range of Lamb Nappa. The drape and softness of the Nappa make this material ideal for furnishings around the home.

    Imagine a luxurious leather cushion to don your sofa or favourite chair!

    Our metallic Nappa would be a beautiful cushion or headboard covering in any bedroom. It would certainly brighten up a room and be a talking point around the home.

    Regarding sales quantities, for illustration purposes, we have given examples of a full, half and quarter skin. We have shown an average size in the guide image. Please note as this is a natural product, the sizes will vary and we will endeavour to colour match multiple hide orders where possible.