Feather Fringes For Cosplay

Feather Fringes For Cosplay

30 products
    30 products
    F305 Full Coque Fringe
    Sold Out
    F310 Full Coque Bronze Black
    F301 Stripped Coque Bronze Black
    from £3.60
    Almond Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +20
    F303 Stripped Coque
    from £8.38 Regular price £27.90 Save £19.52
    F304 Full Coque Fringe
    F308 Black F308 Cree F308 Grizzly F308 Red +2
    F308 Full Coque Saddle
    Almond Black Cerise Chocolate +18
    F309 Strung Biots
    from £1.50
    Black Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +10
    F311 Soft Marabou Fringe
    Almond Black Cerise Chocolate +14
    F312 Ostrich Fringe
    Cerise Cranberry Emperor Natural +8
    F315 Guinea Fowl Fringe
    Black Ivory
    F316 Goose Feather
    F317 Lady Amherst Fringe Natural
    F318 Green F318 Red
    F318 Pheasant Fringe
    Cerise Chocolate Cranberry Emperor +8
    F319 French Partridge Fringe
    Black Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +10
    F320 Goose Fringe
    Beige Black
    F321 Peacock Fully Burnt
    Black Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +14
    F322 Stripped Hackle
    Black Ivory White
    F323 Sectional Burnt Ostrich
    Emperor and Black Poppy and Black White and Black
    F324 Two Tone Ostrich
    Black Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +14
    F325 Full Hackle Fringe
    Orange with Black White with Black
    F328 Lady Amherst
    Black Cerise Chocolate Cranberry +11
    F329 Chandelle Fringe
    F331 Reeves Pheasant Natural
    F332 Golden Pheasant Natural
    F334 Narrow Collared Pheasant Plumage
    Cerise Chocolate Cranberry Emperor +11
    F336 Hackle Grizzly
    Cerise Chocolate Cranberry Emperor +11
    F337 Full Coque Chinchilla
    F338 Peacock Eye Fringe
    F339 Pheasant Fringe
    Cerise Chocolate Cranberry Emperor +11
    F340 Silver Pheasant

    What better way to order large quantities of one type of feather, than to have them neatly sewn side by side in a fringe.

    Perfect for costume and theatrical design.

    Our wide selection of feather fringes incorporate stripped coque, hackle, goose, marabou and peacock. We also offer a wide selection of natural feathers including Lady Amherst and pheasant in many colour options.

    All of the feathers a sewn onto a ribbon making it easy to either pluck them for use individually or sew the complete fringe directly into the garment/product.