Leather For Cosplay

Leather & Pelts For Cosplay

24 products
    24 products
    Reindeer - Style 1
    Metallic Snake Lamb Nappa- Camo
    from £16.74
    Veg Tan Berry Veg Tan Chilli Pepper Veg Tan Dijon Veg Tan Liquorice +2
    Veg Tan Leather
    from £15.54
    Patent Lamb Nappa - Crocodile
    from £21.60
    Merino Latte Merino Shadow
    Merino - Lightweight
    from £52.80
    Tigrado Cream Medley Tigrado Sapphire Tigrado Shadow
    Tigrado Lamb
    from £24.60
    Black Thonging Brown Thonging Natural Thonging
    Leather Thonging - 3mm
    Printed Lamb Nappa - Lizard
    from £15.84
    Toscana Chiffon Toscana Cloudy Day Toscana Lapis Toscana Lava Lamp +1
    Toscana Lamb
    from £40.50
    Plastic Paint Tray - Round
    Black Stain Golden Oak Stain Walnut Stain
    Leather Stain
    Leather Conditioner Applicator
    Resolene Black Resolene Brown Resolene Neutral
    Black Dye Dark Brown Dye Green Dye Light Blue Dye +3
    Leather Dye
    Leather Sheen
    Acrylic Dye Pack
    Soft Tip Applicators
    Beeswax Cake
    Leather Craft Sponges
    Wool Daubers
    Leather Thonging - 1mm
    Aluminium Foil Azurite Candy Apple Red Electric Orchid +5
    Metallic Lamb Nappa
    from £10.00
    Moorland Camo Mountain Camo
    Printed Lamb Nappa - Camo
    from £11.03
    Abalone Amethyst Chili Coconut Milk +9
    Plain Lamb Nappa
    from £10.72

    A Truly Amazing & Sustainable By-product

    Our amazing collection of leathers are deluxe to the touch. Our exquisite Nappa leather includes plain and metallic finishes. It is extremely versatile and used in a variety of industries; costume, accessories, garments, theatrical millinery, film and more. So go right ahead and let your imagination run wild!
    Our Veg Tan leather is available in a selection of colours and is fully Aniline (vegetable-tanned in France - a process that allows the leather to retain its natural richness).

    Regarding sales quantities, for illustration purposes, we have given examples of a full, half and quarter skin. We have shown an average size in the guide image. Please note as this is a natural product, the sizes will vary and we will endeavour to colour match multiple hide orders where possible.