Great personalised gifts that you can make for loved ones

We know how frustrating it can be trawling through shops and the internet to try and find a personal gift for a loved one. Thankfully, with a few simple craft skills, you can create the perfect gift for a loved one and the good news is that it needn’t cost the world. In this blog, we’ll look at some great ideas for simple haberdashery gifts that you can easily make yourself.

A classic gift idea and one that is still incredibly popular, a bookmark will be appreciated by book lovers of all ages. Choose from felt, fabric, leather, card, paper or even metal and tailor your bookmark by giving it a theme. You could even give them a brand new book to enjoy and include the bookmark as part of the gift.

Memory Jar
This is the ideal gift for your other half and provides a great way to celebrate a big occasion such as a wedding anniversary. Write down all your good memories that you’ve shared together over the last year and cut these out before placing inside a jar. Decorate the outside of the jar and give your loved one a highlight of your memories together.

Personalised bunting can be used to announce special occasions and help loved ones celebrate and remember. From the birth of a child to a wedding or new house, bunting will bring back happy memories whenever it is used.

Gift hamper
The great thing about a gift hamper is that you can fill it with anything you want. Think gastronomic delights like artisan biscuits, continental cheeses and cured meats or how about scented candles, perfumes and a set of pyjamas. A gift hamper can be completely personalised with the only limit being your imagination.

Indoor plant
From orchids and bonsai trees to rubber plants and peace lilies, there are a great range of indoor plants that are easy to look after and make great gifts. Another advantage of choosing an indoor plant is you can decorate the plant pot by painting it, wrapping it in fabric, glueing photos to it or personalising it any other way you want.

Photo frame
In the digital world, it’s all too easy to forget how nice it is to have a printed photo in a frame. For a great gift idea why not buy a plain photo frame and decorate it to match the personality of your loved one. Shells, crystals, beads, felt and fabric are all great options for customising a photo frame.

Customised coasters
Coasters and placemats are the perfect gift for those who have just bought a new home or even a newlywed couple. For coasters, you can paint ceramic tiles, use scrabble cork boards, crochet your own or cut out felt shapes. Placemats can be made from bamboo, pieces of slate or floor tiles and can be wrapped in fabric or wallpaper to make them more tactile.

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