Hat Styles That Have Stood The Test of Time

Hat styles

A good hat is a fabulous investment and something that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. And while some hat styles come and go there are some that have stood the test of time and continue to be as popular today as when they were first created. In this blog, we’ll take a look at which hat styles you should pick to future proof your hat collection.

One of the go-to classic designs, the humble beret can help to add a finishing touch to all types of outfits. Choose from a wool or cotton beret for a simple yet stylish hat that will help to beautifully frame your face.

A great choice for those looking to make a statement, the fedora may have been designed for men, but a classic fedora looks great on so many women. Pair with smart jeans, trousers or jumpsuits to add a cool edge to your look no matter what fabric you choose.

The perfect winter hat, the beanie can be used to hide a bad hair day or to create a youthful winter look when worn over longer hair. They are great when combined with casual weekend outfits and offer the ideal way to accessorise your winter outfit while keeping your head warm.

A classic Panama hat is hard to beat and will add a touch of class to any outfit choice. Elegant and sophisticated a Panama hat will make a great investment and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.

Straw hat
Whether relaxing at the beach, sitting in the park or just having drinks with friends, a good quality straw hat oozes style. Choose a straw hat with a wide brim for maximum protection from the sun and combine with a good pair of sunglasses and your best smile.

A great winter option for those looking to keep warm while looking their best is the newsboy hat. This popular hat style is a smart alternative to a baseball cap and the short peak helps to protect your face from the worst of the unpredictable British weather.

Choose neutral colours
Yes, you may have fallen in love with that shocking pink pillbox hat but the key to longevity is to choose neutral colour choices such as beige, white, black, dark navy, brown or similar neutral tones depending on your colouring. As well as picking neutral colours don’t forget to opt for plainer hats that have less decorative elements, this will help make these hats suitable for wearing with a wider choice of outfits.

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