How To Take Your Millinery Skills Up A Notch



Whether you are just discovering millinery or have already mastered the basics and are looking for a new challenge, there is always something you can learn in the world of millinery. While hat styles and designs have evolved, many of the fundamental techniques have remained the same. If you want to take the next step on your millinery journey then we have a range of courses that will help you learn the skills you need to tackle any size millinery project.

Fabric blocking
Anyone who is looking to move away from the use of pre-made hat bodies and kits is going to need to learn to block their own fabric. From learning about stiffening fabrics prior to blocking to understanding what fabrics work with different types of blocks, there are plenty of skills to learn when it comes to blocking fabric. Blocking is an essential part of the hat making process and will help take your millinery skills to the next level.

Our millinery blocking course is designed to help you learn everything you need to know about fabric blocking.

Using acid dyes
Want to create the perfect hat to match your next outfit? Learning the essentials of dyeing will help you customise the look of your millinery fabrics and accessories and add a splash of colour whenever you need it. At Parkin Fabrics our one-day dyeing techniques course lets you experiment with different dyes and learn the techniques you need to create different effects for all your millinery projects.

Silk flower making
Silk flowers provide a great way to decorate your hat and are a more striking alternative to feathers and Sinamay trimmings. While it is possible to buy silk flowers ready-made, part of the fun of millinery is creating something completely from scratch. Creating your own silk flowers is a fun and rewarding pursuit and at Parkin Fabrics we can help you do just that with our instructor-led one day course.

Bias brimmed hat
Summer and spring hats are often made from Sinamay using a bias strip to create the hat brim and centrepiece. These lightweight hats are incredibly versatile and can feature a small or wide brim, depending on the style you are looking to emulate. To create a bias brimmed hat you’ll need to know about blocking, wiring and trimming. Our bias brimmed hat course will teach you everything you need to know to create your very own bias brimmed headpiece.

Working with felt
While many millinery courses focus on the basics of blocking felt our Fun with Felt course teaches you how to manipulate felt while blocking to create a different look and style. From vintage-style headpieces to cloche and button styles, you’ll learn the skills you need and gain an understanding of how felt can be manipulated to create different looks.

Join us in our Oldham workshop and learn a new skill to add to your millinery bow.

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