Introducing Our Latest Arrivals: Two Cutting-Edge Thermoplastics Now In Stock

Two New Thermoplastics - Now in Stock

In response to the ever-evolving needs of our customers, we are excited to announce the arrival of two new thermoplastics to our inventory. These innovative materials promise to elevate your projects with enhanced performance and versatility. Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of these additions:

KobraCast Art

A versatile addition to the Worbla® Art Series. This heat-activated material is perfect for shaping by hand, moulding, or vacuum forming at 80-90°C. Its reusable nature minimises waste, and its strong adhesive ensures self-adhesion and bonding.

The standout feature is the stretchable yet tear-resistant mesh, enabling intricate shapes like antlers. Even after cooling, its flexibility remains, aiding easy separation from moulds.

Available in standard sheet sizes, KobraCast Art is the thinnest Worbla® product, offering unparalleled adaptability. Elevate your projects with Worbla's® KobraCast Art.

Pearly Art

Another creative revolution from Worbla®. This sister product to Worbla's Black Art boasts the smoothest finish in the Worbla lineup, making design marking a breeze. Its robust adhesive simplifies piece assembly. With minimal priming, achieve flawless finishes, intricate sculpting, and frosty light effects.

Pearly Art is skin-safe, eco-friendly, and pliable by hand—no need for special gear. Activated by heat, it bonds without extra glues. Shape with hot air, water, or steam. Scraps become reusable putty, and it activates at 80-90°C. Think heated clay to cooled stability. Layer it, shape over armatures, or use single layers.

Paint it, wax it - Pearly Art embraces all. Smooth texture suits direct painting or priming with PVA glue.

Unleash creativity with Worbla's® Pearly Art, where art knows no bounds.


In conclusion, the arrival of KobraCast and Pearly Art marks a significant milestone in our commitment to offering top-tier materials that empower your creativity and deliver unmatched performance. We invite you to explore the limitless possibilities that these cutting-edge thermoplastics bring to your projects. Place your order today and experience the future of material innovation with Parkin®.

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