Leathers and Pelts – new in at Parkin


Lamb Nappa

In late 2020 we introduced a stunning collection of Lamb Nappa in a range of stylish colours along with vibrant metallics. They feel as beautiful as they look and just as wonderful to have against the skin. To have an item made from this just gives you an element of class and exuberance.

Nappa leather is extremely versatile and is used in a wide range of industries from theatre costuming to furnishings.

In millinery, a button shape can be covered with a hand made bow to give a chic look for any occasion. Match with a handbag or purse and you’re ready for your day or night.

For the home, you may want to cover a cushion with a fabulous metallic Nappa to give a bit of glam to your sofa.

For cosplay, create a superhero cowl which would be so comfortable to wear whatever the weather! The Nappa comes in lots of colours so you could be Wanda, or now Scarlet Witch or Batman. You can use your domestic sewing machine with our threads and leather needles.

Veg Tan Leather

Veg Tan leathers are yet another new product introduced to the Parkin collection.

The veg tan comes in a variety of colours which saves having to dye to the required colour. The leather will take up additional dye beautifully if additional shades are required or you want to paint or spray the dye on.

The leather can be wet moulded easily to be manipulated into a desired shape, be it a purse, hat, flower or sheath and can be dyed or painted afterwards. The leathers take embossing well to make unique designs.

Pelts and Sheep Skins

The pelts or sheep skins are also new in and they are soooo lovely. You could add some to a garment, line a hat or a pair of gloves. Even add some to the top of your boots for a touch of luxury! In the home, have one in your favourite colour draped over your chair and you could even cover your cushion for a complete lush feel. Why not make a pair of slippers with the Veg Tan and a sheep skin?

…and top of it all, why not have a reindeer pelt. These are sumptuous and can be used around the home… from a throw to a rug!

You could be a Wildling from the Game of Thrones and make a cloak from the reindeer skin or some coverings with the various leathers and pelts. Lay one on your bed and imagine you’re back in the dark ages!

Whatever you are in to, at Parkin we have a wide range of the sheep leather and skins to cover you. 

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