Masks and PPE fabrics for personal and professional use


Now that face coverings are becoming part of our ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future (as well as mandatory in various settings across the UK), we have a selection of ready-to-wear masks as well as fabrics and accessories to make your own.

As suppliers of fabrics to PPE manufacturers, we have sourced a range of masks and materials that offer protection and durability for everyday use. You can check the website for full safety specifications on all of our products.

Face masks

Ideal for single daily use, the Type 2 mask is a popular choice and is sold in boxes of 50 or 2000 making them more cost-effective.

The Type 2R surgical mask offers a higher level of protection than standard masks and is used in most medical settings.

The Respirator Mask Type FFP2 is a single-use face covering that offers both comfort and protection and is useful in social situations for those who are shielding.

The Respirator Mask Type FFP3 is ideal as a single-use mask for workplaces and offers a high level of protection as well as durability.

Make your own with a layer of protective material 

If you are keen to make your own face coverings for yourself, family or friends and want to incorporate a protective inner layer, then we have a selection of fabrics as well as other accessories such as wire, elastic and cottons in a range of colours.

Use these materials to create a protective, washable middle layer for your own individual designs and make your masks much safer and more durable (far better than using an old T-shirt!).

The Water Repellent Mask fabric is washable and is used as an integral layer in surgical masks.

The Woven Fusible is a cotton interfacing that can be used as a middle layer so you can add a fabric of your choice for the outer visible layer.

A highly durable and washable material is the Reusable Drapes, Gowns and Scrubs fabric used in PPE – we sell it by the metre and in different colours.

Visit our website for more information on which mask or fabric is right for you.

Helping you, your family, friends and colleagues feel safer with masks and PPE materials.


Written by Simon Parkin

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