More about Leather…

More about Leather

In seeking to develop and expand our range of leathers, we now have quilted leather and cracked leather to add to our collection. The quilted leather has an embossed diamond stitch effect whilst the cracked leather has a smooth backing to highlight its unique finish.

Luxurious to the touch and incredibly versatile, our Nappa leather products are available in a variety of fashion colours, metallic finishes and animal prints

Nappa leather is used in a variety of industries such as haberdashery, home furnishings and millinery as well as cosplay and theatre costumes. Our Nappa collection is carefully sourced so that animal welfare standards are maintained. 

Why not see if you can add a dash of individuality to your next creation?

You can see our full selection here of colours and sizes of skins available as well as our range of leather care products including dyes, sheens and applicators.

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