Unleash Your Creativity with Malleus™: A Crafters' Dream Material



Embark on a journey of limitless creativity with Malleus™, a revolutionary semi-rigid plastic strip designed to bring your artistic visions to life. This versatile crafting material opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to shape and mould it according to your imagination. In this blog post, we'll explore the outstanding features that make Malleus™ the go-to choice for crafters seeking precision and durability.

Features That Set Malleus™ Apart

1. Shape Retention

Malleus™ boasts the unique ability to hold its shape, ensuring that your creations stay true to your original design. Say goodbye to materials that sag or lose form over time.

2. Exceptional Flexibility

With the capability to bend and flex up to 10,000 times, Malleus™ provides unparalleled flexibility. This makes it perfect for projects that require intricate detailing or dynamic structures.

3. Durability Redefined

Unlike conventional plastic, Malleus™ won't snap under pressure. Its resilience ensures that your crafted items remain intact and withstand the test of time.

4. Easy Customisation

Malleus™ can be easily cut with scissors, and the edges can be smoothed off with a lighter, giving you the freedom to tailor the material to your specific needs and designs.

5. Compatibility with Various Fabrics

Whether you're working with Sinamay, Polyester, Cotton, or other materials, Malleus™ seamlessly adheres to a variety of surfaces, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

6. Crafting Convenience

Malleus™ plays well with glue guns and UHU glue, ensuring a hassle-free crafting experience. Its adhesive-friendly nature simplifies the process of bringing your ideas to life.

7. Washable and Safe

Worried about the longevity of your creations? Fear not! Malleus™ is both washable and dry-clean safe, and it can even withstand bleach, providing durability and ease of maintenance. Moreover, it meets safety standards (BS EN 71-3: 1995), making it a secure choice for crafting toys.

Available Dimensions and Quantities:

  • Thickness: 1mm
  • Widths: 2mm, 5.3mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Lengths: Rolls of 10 and 25 meters


Malleus™ empowers crafters to transform their artistic dreams into reality. Its exceptional features, from shape retention to flexibility and compatibility with various fabrics, make it a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable and versatile crafting material. Explore the endless possibilities with Malleus™ and watch as your creative visions come to life with ease and precision.

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