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Piña is the fibre extracted from the leaves of a Pineapple plant and is commonly used in the Philippines. It is sometimes combined with silk or polyester to create a textile fabric.

Piña’s name comes from the Spanish word piña which literally means pineapple.

There are often a few raised eyebrows at Trade shows when Pineapple Fabric is mentioned. Not everyone knows that the leaves of the tasty, tropical fruit contain strong and beautiful fibres, used throughout the fashion industry.

Separating pineapple fibres
Separating Pineapple Fibres

It’s true to say, that when woven, the fibres of the Pineapple leaves create sophisticated and delicate, elegant, fabrics.

When European Explorers and traders first arrived in the South Asian Seas, they were dressed in thick wool tunics, but it wasn’t very long before they adopted the Asian garments, that were far better suited to the climate.
In fact, the Spaniards were so impressed by it that one traveller described it as:

“The strangest, most beautiful and delicate object in the world”.

Piña cloth was to become more valuable than gold, silver or jewels. At the turn of the 19th century, Manila, the Capital of the Philippines, had become the most elegant city in Asia. Any elegant ceremony such as weddings, christenings or state functions became a show of pineapple style.

Shirt made from Pineapple Fabric

Pineapple fibres are an ivory-white colour and naturally glossy. This delicate, dreamy cloth is translucent, soft and fine with a high shine.

Today, the fashion industry is involved in a constant search for new high-quality materials. Pineapple fibre remains expensive and highly sought after. This is largely due to the labour intensive manner in which the fibres are harvested and prepared.

As a renewable resource, Pineapple offers a popular resource without the need for animal products.

Pineapple fabric can be used to create almost anything. The major end use of Pina fibre is the Barong Tagalong (Traditional Philippino Clothing), wedding dresses and other formal dress. It is also used for table linens, mats, bags and other clothing items.

High Quality Fabric

We see wallets, lamp shades, shoes and smartphone covers all being made from the fibres of this versatile plant.

Modern uses for Pineapple

Pina Fabric is lightweight but stiff. This means that this sheer fabric can be used in any creative design, such as Millinery.

We believe that there are few clothing items more beautiful than those made from pineapple.
Here at Parkin Fabrics, we have a great range of Pineapple Fabrics that you can use in your Millinery projects.

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