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    9 products
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    Almond Black Cerise Chocolate +14
    Synthetic Base
    from £0.59 Regular price £1.95 Save £1.36
    UHU® All Purpose Glue
    Comb Black Comb Clear Comb Tortoiseshell
    Split Tooth Combs
    SAVEUP TO 70%
    Compact Needles Assorted 30
    Sale price £1.19 Regular price £3.95 Save £2.76
    SAVEUP TO 60%

    Almond Black Cerise Chocolate +13
    F916 Butterfly
    Sale price £1.86 Regular price £4.65 Save £2.79
    Sold Out
    Embroidery Scissors, 12.5cm
    Sold Out
    Pocket Scissor Sharpener
    Sold Out
    Fusible Hemming Web
    Sale price £1.74 Regular price £5.80 Save £4.06