Parasisal Capelines

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    Bellflower Cerulean Blue Chantilly Lace Deco Silver +11
    Parasisal Capeline Grade 1 - Unstiffened
    Vibrant and Captivating Colour! Natural, handwoven and unstiffened. These grade 1 luxurious and high fashion sisal straw forms are the finest quality available on the market today. The robust fibres meet the call for not only strength but a soft glow too and can also be created in other industries including; arts and crafts, accessories, shoes, haberdashery, and jewellery. With our newest colours you can create your dream anything and it will make you the fashion aspiration wherever you go. Available in hoods and capelines: Hoods; for small trilby style hats, fascinators, bags, and other accessories. Size approx. 38x28cm. Capelines; for traditional brimmed hats, hatinators and anything on a larger scale which takes your fancy. Size approx. 52x13cm.