Only the most technically advanced fabrics offer the very best protective properties to the wearer. Parkin Fabrics has over 30 years experience in working with the world’s leaders in textile technology and together have developed the the very best in personal protective equipment (PPE). Working directly with the professionals that require and use the equipment, helps the Parkin Team offer crucial feedback to our manufacturing partners which in turn affirms continued product development.

Reusable Textiles

For fabrics used in specific medical applications that are to be washed and reused such a surgical drapes, gowns, laundry bags and mattress covers, it is imperative they meet the highest standards targeting elimination of transfer of infection and bacterias. Surgical drapes and gowns used in Operating Theatre are within Class 1 Medical Devices complying with the specific parts of standard EN13795. This family of fabrics meet the stringent requirements of EN13795, These high specification textiles undergo the highest quality control measures and will also perform at the highest levels.

Single Use Fabrics

Non-woven single use fabrics have their place in a very specific area of personal protective equipment (PPE). Where it is imperative that the PPE must be disposed of immediately after use, single use fabrics fill this criteria. Parkin Fabrics have developed a simple but cost effective product that complies with the two most important conditions within EN13795, ISO0811 and ISO16604. To add comfort to the wearer, the product is both light and the PE (polythene) backing is breathable.

Waterproof & Water Resistant Textiles

To obtain the most protective PPE for gowns and scrubs and for reuse and sustainability, Parkin Fabrics offer two products with different levels of moisture barrier protection: Our PU (polyurethane) coated polyester gown fabric is available in two weights. It has been tested to be washable at high temperature multiple times to provide cost effective longevity. For a light extremely breathable water repellant alternative in gown fabric, Parkin Fabrics offer a ‘Standard Light’ option with good hydrostatic head properties, versatility, durability and strength. Both products are subject to ISO certification (provisional data sheet available).

Surgical Face Mask Fabric

The layering system of a surgical face mask is engineered to meet very specific standards. Different layering systems are employed depending on the category of face mask being procured. Parkin Fabrics offer one of the integral layers, a water repellant textile that complies with Oeko-tex® Standard 100 Class 1. Industrial machine washable to 95°C, this technical textile also complies with various IOS standards (data sheet available).

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