Our Sinamay Story

 Our Sinamay Story

A truly green product - No fossil fuels here.

Beautifully woven into a delicate and mesh-like rustic material - Sinamay, well known in the millinery industry, due to its distinctive character has a multitude of uses.

Over 300 Sinamay related items all ready to bring your Ideas to life.

Sinamay - Abaca Fibre

The quality and range of our products is so important to us that we visit our suppliers on a regular basis.
We use these visits to monitor quality and search for new and exciting products to add to our already extensive range. If we think you'll like it, then we bring it home to show you - ready for your next masterpiece.

Independent individuals or families working together.

 Weavers in the Philippines

The weavers themselves are independent individuals or families working together in small co-ops to produce Sinamay fabrics and products.

It's often the case that three generations work alongside each other, passing on more than 500 years of Sinamay know-how, hand to hand.

500 years of Sinamay know-how deserves a fair reward.

When we buy Sinamay, we know for a fact that our payment for the product goes straight back into the weaving community.
This is why we offer an un-bartered price for a good, honest and trustworthy product. As a family company ourselves, we feel this is good for both our weavers and our customers.

 Weavers looking at a Parkin Colour Card

Going native...

Working directly with families and plantation owners abroad, we've built up great trust and understanding and this is the basis the quality of our product is built on. Many of our contacts have become good friends.

Sinamay Loom

Trust and quality go hand in hand

We know exactly where the fibre comes from and who has woven it. We probably know them by name! This is unique in the industry as the normal route to market is through middlemen who may not even be from the Philippines.