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Developing an Eco-Friendly Adhesive Coating for Recycled Buckram

In the pursuit of sustainable solutions, the development of eco-friendly materials and coatings has become crucial. This blog post explores the process of developing an eco-friendly adhesive coating for our recycled buckram, highlighting the significance of this innovation in promoting environmental consciousness.

Understanding Recycled Buckram:

Recycled buckram serves as a renewable and eco-conscious alternative to conventional buckram. By utilising recycled fibres, it reduces waste and conserves resources. However, the development of an eco-friendly adhesive coating is essential to enhance its functionality and broaden its applications.

Identifying Eco-Friendly Adhesive Options:

In the quest for eco-friendly adhesives, Parkin have been exploring various natural and renewable sources. These have included plant-based adhesives derived from materials such as starch, soy, or natural resins. The objective,  to find a coating that provides strong adhesion while aligning with sustainability goals.

Testing and Optimisation:

The development of an eco-friendly adhesive coating involves extensive testing and optimisation. The Parkin Team assess factors such as adhesive strength, durability, resistance to moisture, temperature, and mechanical stress. These tests ensure that the coating adheres effectively to the recycled buckram, meeting performance standards and enhancing its overall quality.

Environmental Impact and Benefits:

An eco-friendly adhesive coating for our recycled buckram offers numerous benefits. It contributes to waste reduction and the circular economy by utilising recycled fibres. Additionally, it minimises the environmental impact associated with traditional adhesive coatings that may contain harmful chemicals. This innovation aligns with the principles of sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and industries.

Versatile Applications:

The eco-friendly adhesive coating opens doors to various applications for recycled buckram. It can be used in bookbinding and upholstery, millinery and fashion, cosplay and theatre, and other sectors that benefit from buckram's stiffness and reinforcement properties. By incorporating sustainable adhesive coatings, these industries can achieve their goals while reducing their ecological footprint.

Challenges and Future Perspectives:

Developing an eco-friendly adhesive coating for recycled buckram comes with challenges. These may include finding the optimal balance between adhesion strength and environmental compatibility, as well as ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability. Continued research and development will address these challenges, paving the way for wider adoption and market acceptance.


The development of an eco-friendly adhesive coating for our recycled buckram represents a significant step towards sustainable materials and practices. By combining recycled fibres with environmentally friendly adhesive options, this innovation aligns with the principles of circular economy and environmental consciousness. As the development progresses, the application of eco-friendly adhesive coatings on recycled buckram will create new opportunities for sustainable solutions in various industries, contributing to a greener and more responsible future.

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