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    Due to the recent pandemic and the restrictions this has created, we have redesigned our courses to remote online teaching.

    As most hats require a hat block to mould the material to create the shape, we will do this demonstration online and will then ship this to you. This will be the 1st section of your course.

    Once you have received your blocked creation, the next part of the course will be about how to wire, assemble and complete your creation.

    Before you start your course we will guide you through the whole process, including discussing the choice of materials you would like to work with and the quantities required. We offer 15% discount and free carriage on all the materials and accessories for the online courses, and ensure you receive your items prior to your selected date.

    You will find a selection of photographs against each course that we are currently offering, to give you an idea of the finished hat. This is just a guide for you. Your finished hat will be personal to you and with our huge choice of flowers and mounts; the only thing required is your imagination.

    Should you want to create anything that is not listed, please click here to contact us to discuss your requirements.

    We look forward to helping you on your millinery journey, be that new to the industry or help increase your knowledge. To find out more about your milliner Christine, please click here.

    Get in touch with us today on 0161 627 4455 to book a class or to find out more about any of our millinery courses.