Dye & Colour Wheel

At Parkin Fabrics we stock a great selection of acid dyes by Jacquard which can be used to colour silk, wool and other natural fabrics such as alpaca, cashmere, fur and feathers, they can also be used to colour some nylons. The Jacquard acid dyes produce vibrant and bright colours that are light and colourfast which means they won’t bleed or fade when washed. Acid dyes are used with hot water for immersion dyeing.

Acid dyes produce some of the most vibrant colours of any dyes in the world. They are extremely easy to use and come in a concentrated powder format that needs to be diluted in water. At Parkin Fabrics we’ve got a fantastic range of acid dye colours available which are perfect for dyeing Sinamay and all your other millinery fabrics.

These acid dyes can be set using citric acid e.g. lemon juice, distilled vinegar or the heat from steam. They are the perfect choice for all your fabric dyeing needs and can be used for painting or dyeing silk fabrics as well as protein fabrics such as wool and cashmere. Check out our great selection below and orders yours online today.